Teaching and Service

Teaching Philosophy

When teaching, my  main goal is to encourage an active and dynamic learning environment where all students can engage with learning in creative and personal ways. Educational psychologists are in a unique position to create and implement practices that meet the needs of diverse students. From both professional and personal experience, I understand that students can doubt their ability to contribute ideas in an academic setting and often times experience stress when facing the demands of college. Because of this, it is my goal each semester to create a space where students can meet these challenges. While teaching, I avoid imposing my own viewpoints and experiences on my students and instead focus on demonstrating to my students that they have valuable perspectives to contribute within academic spaces. I do this by fostering discussion that challenges accepted ideas and by calling on the diverse experiences of my students in order to establish a variety of frameworks from which they engage with newly course material.


International School Psychology Association

Student Representative, Summer 2019-Present.

American Psychological Association Division 44/American Psychological Association of Graduate Students LGBT Graduate Student Mentoring Program

Graduate Student/Early Career Professional Mentor, Summer 2019-Present.

Student Association of School Psychologists

President, 2017; Member 2016-Present.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Member, 2017- Present.

Comfort Zone Camp

Volunteer Mentor for Bereaved Children, 2014- Present.